Friday, August 14, 2009

Tips for Google Adsense

Inserting Adsense code and let it flow ago so it may still provide for the the earning, especially if the website / blog has a high visitor traffic and is the most loyal visitors.

However, unfortunate results only if and so simply. In fact, the intention can not attach Adsense, hehehe ...

If you see some examples of website / blog to a successful Adsense publisher, in fact, we can maximize the income from Adsense in a way that is relatively easy. I have to try it, and may be useful for colleagues who are seeking how to increase earning from Adsense.

Please try some tips below, a monitor in a few days or weeks and see the results.

1. Use Lay Out the Right.
Many of us install the Adsense code, but offhand let it flow. Simple example is my own blog a few, hihihi ...

I had to test the changes in the layout of the other part of the blog and the result can be increased even though the size of the problem be calculated relatively.

If we want to maximize the income from the Adsense blog lay out, we can use some of the lay out of the already optimized for Adsense. The author is most Adsense publisher and, if viewed from the lay out forms, themes, or templates that are made from the fruit of the experience.

Ad placement and form of themesnya already maximize for the Adsense code.
In addition to lay out the optimization, templates are also made to create a special section of the code, so we did not find a position more difficult for Adsense code.

Serendipity for the user, the template from David Cummins and Carl Galloway could be a choice to maximize earning, while for WordPress users, Dosh-Dosh made on the list 16 (switch so title 17) templates / WordPress themes which can be used to Adsense optimization. Interestingly, one of the templates recommended by Dosh-Dosh themes are Red and White owned by Someone.

2. Maximize the number of ads
In accordance with the Adsense TOS, we can install Ads 3 units, 1 Link unit and 2 Refferal Unit in 1 pages. Maximize Adsense income by placing the forms in the ad page 1, but do not forget to keep guard in order not to damage the article and the form of entire pages. Make a test several times to find a format that fit.

3. Application Section Targetting
If you already have a blog that is optimized, we can achieve the optimal income if Adsense ads that appear truly relevant to the content of the article. Use this section to targetting. However, it is still difficult to do if the contents of blog / website in Indonesia, unless the material covered is quite specific and ad variations that have quite a lot.

4. Use Channel
Use channels to perform tracking, shape and position of ads which give the maximum results. No one we change the formation and location of the placement if the results do not how or do not even have at all :-).

5. Try 336 X 280 Format
Based on personal experiences and read-read the experience of another publisher, the ad 336 X 280 to give a higher income than other forms. Use this ad in a position close to the article written.

6. Optimization blended with Color
Make the view blog / website that integrates more color (blended) with ads that are displayed. For Firefox users, AddOns Color Picker can be used to get the hexadecimal number of colors detected.

7. Give a description and a proposed
If we install Refferal Unit (Firefox for example), will be maximum if the ad is not displayed left alone. Put the unit on the refferal articles that encourage use, for example, rather than stress-use Internet Explorer due to malware and adware, use Firefox as your browser of choice. Please provide an explanation why refferal unit suitable for use.

Some of the tips above is the result of the observation that I own application, hopefully useful.

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