Saturday, August 15, 2009

instant noodle is DANGEROUS

the Instant noodle fan's, make sure you have a time lapse of at least 3 (three) days after you consume Instant noodle, if you will eat again. Of medical information, it appears that there is a wax coat the instant noodle. That is why Instant Noodle no one other sticky when cooked. Instant Noodle consumption each day will increase the likelihood of someone get cancer. Someone, because so busy in a career (work) so it does not have time to cook, so she/he choose Instant Noodle to consume each day. Finally he had cancer. Doctor said that this case be due to a candle in the Instant noodle. The doctor said that our bodies need time more than 2 (two) days to clean the wax is.

There is a stewardess SIA (Singapore Air) after the stop and then became a housewife, do not cook but almost always consume Instant Noodle every time he eats. Then finally had cancer and died.

If we note that China's Noodle yellow which is found in the market, the results of observation, the noodles are not cooked will looks like oily. This layer of oil sticky Noodle will avoid one with the other. Wonton noodles are still raw give flour is usually to avoid sticky. When the cook will cook noodles, cook it first in hot water, then rinsed / drained with cold water before cooked with hot water again. Cooking and colding this way can avoid these sticky Noodle of each other. Cook and provide oil to the noodles sauce is not to become sticky when dry will be consumed (without dressing).
Rules for making cooking Spaghetti (Noodle from Italy), will be required oil and butter is added first to the water stew Spaghetti pasta sticky to avoid it.

There is a chilling story:

* Some people are now around age 48 but already the annual 4 years this last go-a tool which, sorry, as anus, because the intestine down to the anus has been cut because it is not can be used again when the student section with the econoNoodlec reasons for consuNoodleng instant noodles excessive, so that the intestine is cut the thing the preservative, which is always there in every possible kind of instant noodles borax preservative for dead bodies (the data showed that import borax and the like to Indonesia is very big) Hence and cause contaNoodlenation in place, hopefully all parties to be in the heart consume foods such as meatball, sausage, noodles etc.

* There are more, people who never get cancer lymph (8 lymph gland wrong), and treatment for almost 1 year in Singapore to spend more than 1 billion in 1996 to 1997 (hit by the office), a result he consume during indoNoodle plus corned 4 years continuously each day (with the reason because his wife is busy working). According to the doctor you treat it, is the main cause of existing preservative in indoNoodle and corned page.

For the fans of noodles, the noodles are in the wax are a function of instant noodles to coat (may also cause that is not sticky noodles with each other). I never experiment with colleagues how to save the processed sauce noodles for 3 days, and was evidently found that substances such as wax.

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