Saturday, August 15, 2009

Must Have Type FRIENDS

Friends are the family that we select. Called "family" as it is collected from a variety of different characteristics that can be relied upon to completely different things, among the most wise choice that you make. If you can find one of the following characteristics in the entrance, you can say you are lucky.

1. The Impassion
Favorite type of words is: "Yes." You will not hesitate in telling stories about your dream and be again without thinking he will say, "Go for it!" "Let's get the hell out!" Do not you need someone who can see the advantages of you?

2. The Secret guards
When you save a great thing and you want to share with him, he is a person who can be trusted. No need to promise each other to keep what you say, he will close the mouth.

3. The "It Is"
He can know the time I say good for good and for a good time mocking (making stupid jokes). Good friends who will give a positive view despite the bad news is delivered, not with the tone jealous or envious.

4. The Fun
It is a spontaneous and can change the atmosphere of any kind and wherever it became a fun for you with it.

5. The unique
Each friend represents our world, a world that might not be until they have attended. All of that is around you may have a more old, same time, younger, tribes Javanese, Batak, Sundanese, rich or poor, all the property in which you can only friends are from diversity.M

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