Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Anti Mosquitos

Have you ever bothered by mosquitoes when "computing jolly"? If Yes, then you must do is drive out mosquitoes - mosquitoes is by way of beating - beating the bitten body part or installing electric mosquito repellent device / fuel. But for me it was too exhausting and complicated (especially wearing mosquito coil). So, is there another way easier and faster to get rid of mosquitoes - mosquitoes that?

I have program named "Anti Mosquito"
what?? Is it true?

This program made a sound at a frequency of 16000Hz to 20000Hz which exceeds the sound frequency that can be heard by humans. However, pets and other animals can hear.

The sound effects are not liked by mosquitoes and other pests that make them uncontrollably when flying.

want to download??

Monday, August 17, 2009

add your sites to GOOGLE

Actually ..

Register of sites to search engines Google and Yahoo Search is easy.

Please check on Google and Yahoo whetheryour sites already indexed. Just type your sites name in the search box, in the format domainname.com [preferably without www], and press the ENTER button or the search. For example: angelsholic.blogspot.com or dc-system.blogspot.com. Look at the results. hahahaha ..

But when your sites not also appear in Yahoo and Google, just register your own. How very easy, and free.

For Google, the list (click ->) Add Your URL to Google. For Yahoo, the list (click ->) Submit to Yahoo. Here, you only need to enter the URL of the main page of your sites, beginning with http://, for example: http://blogberita.net

The Google and Yahoo do not guarantee your sites will indexed by their start. But from his experience, usually not long after signing up, two-three days, we list the sites that already appear on the page direct their search. Once your sites indexed, the next robot or spider Google and Yahoo will come to a routine to your sites to index the latest posts.

Besides how independent and free like that, there are several services on the Internet that sell the service to register our site to dozens of search engines including Google and Yahoo. They charge, and they often fooling clients that their sites can appear on the first page - the search results order 1 to 10. Should, if my opinion, not the services they need. Yet you can easily register for free and your sites. Moreover the Google and Yahoo already stressed, there is no guarantee a site indexed, especially if a called-can appear in the first order. If you really want situsmu appear in the first, post ads only on Google and Yahoo, your sites will appear always uppermost, that is ... in the ad. : D

Besides Google and Yahoo, there are dozens of other search engines such as Ask, AOL, MSN, etc.. But to sign up with Google and Yahoo actually has more than enough. Because, fact, most people find information via Google and Yahoo, Google and even the two times more than Yahoo. According to comScore data, specifically in the United States only in December 2007, Google is used by 58.4 percent of search, and Yahoo in second with 22.9 percent of consumers, the rest divided by Ask, AOL, etc. to the percentage of each which is very small .

is that so easy?

How to Start an Internet Business

Starting an internet business may sound simple and easy, but it's not exactly like that. It takes a lot of time and effort to succeed and get to that "flowing" mode. If you're thinking about starting an internet business, you'll have to do several things in order to lay a healthy base, which is crucial in the development process of your business.

1. Find your niche

There is a million of niches, and it's not just that simple to choose one of them. You'll have to do some analysis before you pick your niche. Basically, it's the best to choose a niche that you're interested in, so it doesn't get boring for you. Ideally, it's the best to find a niche that interests you and that is profitable. Analyze your competition and see if you'll be up to competing with them.

2. Analyze the market

It's of huge importance to analyze the market thoroughly before getting into this venture. You have to check other sites in that market, you have to check the supply and demand, you have to check what approach will work the best.

3. Great domain name

Don't settle for any domain name. Go for, if not the best, then one of the best in that niche. Ideally, you will choose a dot com, with your keyword(s) in it. Don't choose a domain name with too many dashes, because search engines don't like that. Choose a domain name that is short, brandable, easy to remember and contains your keywords.

4. Cool design

If you're not a designer, hire a designer to design your website. It's really worth it. A website with a great design will be much more pleasing for the eyes of your visitors, thus making them to remember your site and they may even come back.

5. Clean code

If you're not a coder, hire a coder to code your design. Demand valid XHTML/CSS and compatibility with all browsers. That way you'll be safe, both with your visitors and search engines.

6. Invest in content

Content is king, they say. And it's really true... The more content you have, the better your site will look in the eyes of the search engines. Add more and more content each day and you will have no worries.

7. Invest in advertising

Don't think that you don't need to spend money on advertising and link building, because you have to. You have to let everyone know that your site is alive and online, and awaiting visitors.

Note that you will not earn money in the beginning, but if you keep on working, you will get there. Just have patience!

The 2012 End Date: Too "Far Out" to Be Taken Seriously?

The 2012 theme, based on the notion that radical global transformation will take place over the next several years, has been gathering considerable media attention as it moves into mainstream awareness, according to organizers for an upcoming conference in Boston called "Understanding the 2012 Phenomenon." Recent articles in publications such as Newsweek, The New York Times, The Boston Phoenix, as well as television treatments such as the History Channel's series on 2012, all point to the public's growing awareness and hunger for information about this sometimes difficult to understand subject.

Despite this increased attention, however, many myths and misconceptions about 2012 remain. "The idea that 2012 is just another doomsday scenario is a common assumption for many people," said Annette Farrington, one of the conference co-chairs and executive director of The Emergence Project Inc. who sponsors the event. "The speakers at the conference will be discussing why the changes signified by the 2012 window herald a time for profound systemic changes, positive outcomes, and empowerment on both an individual and societal basis."

"Understanding the 2012 Phenomenon" -- a first-of-its-kind event in Boston and the New England area -- will take place at the Courtyard Boston Downtown/Tremont hotel in the city's theatre district. Four well-respected authors and keynote speakers will headline the daylong event: Daniel Pinchbeck, John Major Jenkins, Christine Page M. D. and James O'Dea.

In addition to keynote presentations, the conference will include a series of events including workshops and ceremonies inviting the participant to experience aspects of the shift from a multilevel perspective. The cost of attendance includes all events throughout the day including book signings with the keynote speakers sponsored by Barnes and Noble, breakfast, lunch, and an evening party with Incus and Club d'Elf. Attendees can register and get more information at www.theemergenceproject.net .

The Emergence Project Inc. is a non-profit organization chartered with providing educational resources and tools for cultural transformation. Its current focus is on offering conferences and workshops focusing on 2012 emergence. Initial outreach is taking place with a series of New England-based events including a follow-up event in Boston in April 2010, intended to provide a deeper and more positive understanding of the 2012 phenomenon.

20 Awesome things to do this summer!

School's totally a thing of the past (at least for the next few months), and the only thing on your agenda is day-after-day pool-dwelling? Don't get waterlogged when we've got the stuff to make your summer sizzle....

1 Hold a Skee-Ball tournament with your pals at the arcade. At 25 cents a pop, the fun 'n' games won't break the bank. The champ gets all the prize tickets!

2 Make a summer scrapbook. Include everything--even the little stuff. The price tag from your fave sundress, amusement park ticket stubs, photo booth pics of you and the crew and vacation postcards are all awesome additions to your book. It'll be a summer you'll never forget.

3 Grow a green thumb! Purchase some packets of flower seeds--cosmo, poppy, sunflower (unsalted, of course!)--and plant them in your own garden patch. Tending to your sprouts will keep you super-busy, and it's oh-so satisfying to watch as your blooms blossom.

4 Rent a tandem bike for a day. It's a bicycle built for-two. Grab a pal, hop on and pedal off for some good laughs: Yeah, it's goofy.... So what?

5 Get a cool deck of cards, and enjoy tons of fun playing Butthead, Blitz and Blackout with your pals. Don't know how? Check out www.pagat.com to learn these and other games--and a few you can play by yourself, too.

6 Do some flower projects. Pluck a few wildflowers from a field, and press them between the pages of a phone book for about two weeks until dry. Then, use them to decorate stationery, picture frames, bookmarks, whatever. Surprise friends and family with your flower creations--just as nice as a bouquet!

7 Head for the nearest gumball machine. Now, get four gumballs for a buck for you and each of your girls, and have a contest to see who blows the biggest bubble.

8 Speaking of bubbles... Hit the kiddie section of the dollar store, and buy a few bottles of soapy bubbles. You're never too old to blow bubbles!

9 Buy some zany sunglasses, and wear them in public. They can be ultra-glam, ultra-goofy, ultra-big, ultra-anything! The trick is to find a pair that really attracts attention. You're guaranteed to have an ultra-hilarious day!

10 Play the claw machine two times for a buck. You knaw--the one in which you try to pluck prizes with a mechanical crane. Yeah, it's usually a waste of money... but it's sooo irresistible!

11 Fly a kite on a windy day. Haven't flown a kite since you were a tot? You're missing out! It's not easy to keep that thing gracefully floating up there--but that's what makes it challenging! Fly your kite on the beach or in an open field, where the wind is often at its strongest mph.

12 Turn into an expert. Pick a topic you're really interested in (like surfing, Linkin Park, Paris, butterflies... whatever) and spend a little time each week researching it online. By the end of the summer, you'll practically be an expert on the subject.

13 Go backyard camping. Call your pals, pitch a tent, grab some sleeping bags, and head out your back door. OK, you'll have to forget about the campfire, but that's no reason to forgo the traditional campfire songs and tales. Have a blast sleeping under the stars-while enjoying the indoor plumbing just steps away!

14 Become a bookworm. Make it a goal to finish off a certain number of books this summer. Pick a genre you've never tried before--biographies, sci-fl, historical fiction--and then stake out a few reading spots. Climb a tree, stretch out on the porch swing, or even curl up on the couch on a rainy day.

15 Decorate your tank top. Start with a solid-color tank, and then go all-out with glitter, beads, crystals, markers, you name it. Personalize your shirt to reflect your unique style. Think of it as a summer souvenir!

16 Have a water fight. Get all your pals together, and designate teams. Then grab your water guns, water balloons, buckets, hoses and whatever else you've got...and ATTACK

17 Catch fireflies in a jar. Make yourself an all-natural lightning-bug strobe-light lantern for the evening. Don't forget to throw in a few blades of grass and poke holes in the lid. Just be sure to let them go after a few hours!

18 Become a volunteer at your local nursing home. Your electric smile and enthusiastic personality will have folks at the local home uplifted in no time. Spending even an hour a week playing board games or just talking with residents whose families can't (or don't) visit makes a big difference in their lives. Oh, and the stories they tell!

19 Start a cool collection. It doesn't matter what you collect--just pick something you like, and go for it! Sea glass, shells and bottle caps are popular summer collectibles. Or be a collector of something totally unique, like ceramic cats, funky bandannas or vintage buttons. To get into the collecting groove, visit a local museum and check out its collections for inspiration.

20 Play tag--in the rain. Why stay indoors just because the sun's not shining? Nothing screams summer like a game of soggy tag. Running around in the rain (um, as long as there's no thunder and lightning!!!) is a great way to cool down.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Must Have Type FRIENDS

Friends are the family that we select. Called "family" as it is collected from a variety of different characteristics that can be relied upon to completely different things, among the most wise choice that you make. If you can find one of the following characteristics in the entrance, you can say you are lucky.

1. The Impassion
Favorite type of words is: "Yes." You will not hesitate in telling stories about your dream and be again without thinking he will say, "Go for it!" "Let's get the hell out!" Do not you need someone who can see the advantages of you?

2. The Secret guards
When you save a great thing and you want to share with him, he is a person who can be trusted. No need to promise each other to keep what you say, he will close the mouth.

3. The "It Is"
He can know the time I say good for good and for a good time mocking (making stupid jokes). Good friends who will give a positive view despite the bad news is delivered, not with the tone jealous or envious.

4. The Fun
It is a spontaneous and can change the atmosphere of any kind and wherever it became a fun for you with it.

5. The unique
Each friend represents our world, a world that might not be until they have attended. All of that is around you may have a more old, same time, younger, tribes Javanese, Batak, Sundanese, rich or poor, all the property in which you can only friends are from diversity.M


"Why must drink
many white-water lots. .? "
Actually the answer is quite
"egregious" but as a
honest question must be answered with honesty,
then the topic can be described as follows:
Approximately 80% of the human body consists of water.

In fact there are some parts of the body that we
have a water content above 80%. Two
organ with the most important measure of water above
80% is:
Brain and blood. !

The brain have as many as 90% water,
Meanwhile, the blood component has a 95% water.

Ration drinking life is at least 2
liters or 8 glasses a day

Number of the above must be added if you are a

Water as it is necessary to change
fluid out of the body
us through urine, sweat, respiratory, and
What happens if we consume less
from 2 liters a day ...?
Of the body will balance itself.
How ...?
By way of "suck" water from
component body sendiri.Dari brain ...?

Not yet until segitunya (wihh. imagine the brain ..
What happens ...), dry
but from the nearest source: Blood. !

Blood disedot the water will become thick.
Due to blood coagulation, the
akan less smooth journey
rather than a liquid.

When passing through kidneys (the filtering poisons
of blood)
Akan kidneys work extra hard to filter
And because the filter in the kidneys smooth, not
rare blood that can be condensed
perobekan cause the kidney glomerulus.

As a result, your urine reddish color,
marks start bocornya filter
kidney. When left continuously, you
may be a need to spend time
400,000 rupiah a week to wash the blood

Eh, I have spoken earlier about the brain '
eh ...?

So when the gore alir through the brain,
journey somewhat hampered.
The brain is no longer "thin", and because
brain cells is the most extravagant
consume food and oxygen,

Slow blood flow can cause
brain cells die quickly or
not working properly .. (ya
wajarlah name is also less
meal ...)

If this is added with heart disease (which
work also add weight
when blood curdle ... ), the attack of stroke
be more quick-coming

Now you choose to live: do
"investment" with a drink at least 8
glasses a day-or-"pay interest"
through the kidney disease or stroke.


Knowledge therapy is given to the Greek which have been since the magnet because the 2500 BC. Magnet is used in Chinese medicine from around 2000 BC combined with reflexology and Acupuncture. In the century ke15 Doctor Paracelsus (Swiss) recognizes the power of magnet therapy. He wrote letters about the influence of medical magnet up the process of healing in the body.

On the 16 th century, a doctor from the UK Dr William Gilbert to make research on the electrical and magnetism. He issued one of the first books about magnetic therapy called "De Magnet". Dr. Gilbert is also the personal physician of Queen Elizabeth I, and said if he uses manget under the instructions.

Michael Faraday, also known as the inventor Biomagnetik make a research on magnetic healing during the 18 th century. Work is still used as a basis for magnetic treatment at this time.

Dr Mesmer (from Mr. hypnotism) and Dr Samual Hahnemann (Father of Homeopathy) also contribute to work. Century to 20 experts, including Dr Kreft a German doctor in 1905 to learn healing effects of magnets disease rheumatism, sciatica and neuralgia.

1926 Dr Criles study the impact of magnets on cancer cells and was followed 10 years later in 1938 with Albert Davis carrying out experiment on the effects of the North and South poles of magnets.

However 15 years later this was shown on the Productive development of a medical magnet therapy. More than 57 studies in the USA about the disease that is difficult and magnetic cured. Are:
1990 - University of Hawaii to try magnets patients with osteoarthritis.
1992 - Attempting example healing randomised double blind trial of wound healing in venous leg wounds.
1999 - New York Medical College try magnet to diabetic patients ..
2001 - University of Virginia to try magnet mattress around the patient with Fibromyalgia.
2004 - University of Exeter and Plymouth attempt bracelet with magnets on osteoarthritis patients

-Now in the world including in Europe and the United States more and more famous people who use them, are: Cherie Blair, Bill Clinton, Anthony Hopkins, Prince William, Queen Elizabeth II, Shirley Mclaine, Venus Williams, Michael Jordan, Agassi, Jack Nicklaus and more.

HOW WORK magnetic fields in our bodies
In each atom in the cells of our bodies:

1. Nucleus (atomic nucleus), which consists of a proton & neutrons had a positive,
2. Had a negative electrons encircle the nucleus on the page orbit.

Traction is interesting to create magnetic fields.
Movement of electrons cause the emergence of the flow of electricity
(electric field) in the body.

If the magnetic fields in our bodies does not automatically balanced energy weakened.

When the magnet is placed directly on the main arterial blood vessel arterial duct, such as heart (wrist pulse point) or on arterial blood vessel carotid (neck pulse point) will have a greater absorption in the bloodstream so that magnetic fields can be flowed to the whole body. When the flow of blood in the body increases, oxygen, nutrients and hormones will be distributed to the network and the body organs more effectively and quickly. Body organs will have oxygen and nutrition supply of the fresh and rich to keep the organs, including endorfin which is a natural hormone the body to eliminate pain.


In his book "How to Search for Friend and other Affecting People" Dale Carnegie write a story from Dr light. Stephen K. Sproul, who work as a veterinarian, on a normal day. He comes from Raytown, Missouri. At a time the waitingroom full of clients waiting for their pet in the needle. Not one of them who spoke with the other one, and probably all are thinking about a dozen things more than they do like the "mark time" to sit in the doctors office.

There are six or seven clients waiting when a young woman entered, with a baby nine months and a cat. Coincidence, the woman sitting next to a half-old male who is annoyed with the service must to wait long. The next thing he knew, the baby is saw with a wide smile, smile typical baby. What is that man? Of course, just like the normal will occur; smile give him the baby.

Immediately so he just chat with the woman about her son and grandson, then necessarily those who are in the waiting room that join with them. Boredom and tension becomes a pleasant experience.

A smile of sincere and warm? Yes, of course. Just because a smile can change the atmosphere warm. Phenomenon is not just humanity but the excess is to be human beings that are not owned by others. According to the philosopher, "smile and laughter, that is the man."

"People smile," according to professor James V. Mcconnell, "tend to be able to overcome, teach, and sell more effectively, and raise children more happy. It's far more information about the smile of a wrinkle in the brow. Smile because it is encouraging that spirit, the teaching tool is far more effective than punishment. "

Smile can bring people away from the real life difficulties. Humans need a sense relaxed. Relaxed the condition that this is actually to be encouraged to smile, even laugh. "Conditions consoled with the same play that principal fun. Function is psychic alleviate the burden of the soul and mind "said Sigmond Freud explains.

The influence of the extraordinary smile, smile even when it does not appear in front of the eye. Try to smile when you talk over the phone. You smile will "visible" in your voice. Yes, smile! Because you will not smile with the needy, thus you will enrich you and those who receive it.

The apostle had said, "Continue before your brother is charity" (HR. Tirmidzi from Abu Dzarr, Subussalam). Smiles so good deeds, not ubahnya charity. In the view of Islam, curl into a means of fertilization love, to bind a sense of togetherness between the ties of brotherhood.

Therefore, it is not excessive if it is said that sweet face seyum is cheap or interpretation of the desire for friendly.

The Story of The One-Eyed Mother

My mom only had one eye.
I hated her... she was such an embarrassment..
My mom ran a small shop at a flea market.
She collected little weeds and such to sell...
Anything for the money we needed
She was such an embarrassment.
There was this one day during elementary school..
It was field day, and my mom came.
I was so embarrassed. How could she do this to me?
I threw her a hateful look and ran out.

The next day at school...
"Your mom only has one eye?!?!" ..and they taunted me.
I wished that my mom would just disappear from this world
So I said to my mom, "Mom.. Why don't you have the other eye?!
If you're only gonna make me a laughingstock, why don't you just die?!!!"
My mom did not respond..
I guess I felt a little bad, but at the same time, it felt good to think
that I had said what I'd wanted to say all this time..
Maybe it was because my mom hadn't punished me,
but I didn't think that I had hurt her feelings very badly.

That night...
I woke up, and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water.
My mom was crying there, so quietly, as if she was afraid that she might
wake me.
I took a look at her, then turned away.
Because of the thing I had said to her earlier,
there was something pinching at me in the corner of my heart.
Even so, I hated my mother who was crying out of her one eye.
So I told myself that I would grow up and become successful.
Cause I hated my one-eyed mom and our desperate poverty..

Then I studied real hard.
I left my mother and came to Seoul and studied,
and got accepted in the Seoul University with all the confidence I had.

Then, I got married.
I bought a house of my own.
Then I had kids, too..
Now I'm living happily as a successful man.
I like it here because it's a place that doesn't remind me of my mom.

This happiness was getting bigger and bigger, when..

Who's this?!
...It was my mother...
..Still with her one eye.
It felt as if the whole sky was falling apart on me.
My little girl ran away, scared of my mom's eye.
And I asked her, "Who are you?!"
"I don't know you!!!" as if trying to make that real.
I screamed at her, "How dare you come to my house and scare my daughter!"


And to this, my mother quietly answered,
"Oh, I'm so sorry. I may have gotten the wrong address,"
and she disappeared out of sight.

Thank good ness... She doesn't recognize me..
I was quite relieved.

I told myself that I wasn't going to care,
or think about this for the rest of my life.
Then a wave of relief came upon me...

One day, a letter regarding a school reunion came to my house.
So, lying to my wife that I was going on a business trip, I went.
After the reunion, I went down to the old shack,
that I used to call a house... Just out of curiosity

There, I found my mother fallen on the cold ground.
But I did not shed a single tear.
She had a piece of paper in her hand....
It was a letter to me.
"My son...
I think my life has been long enough now..

And... I wont visit Seoul anymore...
But would it be too much to ask if I wanted you
to come visit me once in a while?
I miss you so much.. And I was so glad when I
heard you were coming for the reunion.
But I decided not to go to the school.
For you...
And I'm sorry that I only have one eye,
and I was an embarrassment for you.

You see, when you were very little,
you got into an accident, and lost your eye.
As a mom, I couldn't stand watching you
having to grow up with only one eye...
So I gave you mine...
I was so proud of my son that was seeing a whole
new world for me, in my place, with that eye.
I was never upset at you for anything you did..
The couple times that you were angry with me..
I thought to myself, 'It's because he loves me..'

My son... Oh, my son... "


WHY so many citrus consumption is recommended for fitness,
beauty and health? He said can reduce the risk of disease
kardiovaskular and diseases associated with age. Come see the five key secret!
Vitamin C Orange warehouse vitamin C is the best. Vitamin C is known as antioxidants which play a role against the symptoms of the disease or too related to age. Some research shows that foods that contain high vitamin C content can reduce the risk of occurrence of various types of cancer and heart damage. Vitamin C is also very important in the immunization system, especially during flu season.
Acid Orange Folic acid is a natural source folic. Research institutions that supported the food and drug supervision United States (FDA) and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, estimates that women who do not metabolism acid folic high-risk birth to a baby with down syndrome. Therefore no wonder that America's health department can recommend that the pregnant women to consume folic acid in sufficient amount. Research also states that folic acid can help prevent fatal diseases that are associated with age, such as heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer even.
Flavonoid, antioxidants are a lot of this is found in citrus. As known, antioxidants reduce work for damage caused by free radicals. Free radical damage can lead to various diseases, including cancer.
Carbohydrate in one citrus fruit size there are 16 grams of carbohydrate that contains 70 calories. Carbohydrate is very important as a source of energy the body, especially to the brain. Also, the energy for sports. During exercise, muscle-muscle use carbohydrate reserves (glicogen), which is used for day-to-day activities. Consumption of citrus will immediately after exercise to replace the energy used.
Value fiber in a grapefruit fiber is equivalent to the 12% required per day. Fiber function clearly very important. Among others, to assist the process of digestion. Fiber in oranges can also help lower cholesterol level in blood, also reduce the risk of heart disease. Type of fiber that dissolves in water, such as that found in oranges, can help reduce hunger. Good news for those who want to lose weight.

instant noodle is DANGEROUS

the Instant noodle fan's, make sure you have a time lapse of at least 3 (three) days after you consume Instant noodle, if you will eat again. Of medical information, it appears that there is a wax coat the instant noodle. That is why Instant Noodle no one other sticky when cooked. Instant Noodle consumption each day will increase the likelihood of someone get cancer. Someone, because so busy in a career (work) so it does not have time to cook, so she/he choose Instant Noodle to consume each day. Finally he had cancer. Doctor said that this case be due to a candle in the Instant noodle. The doctor said that our bodies need time more than 2 (two) days to clean the wax is.

There is a stewardess SIA (Singapore Air) after the stop and then became a housewife, do not cook but almost always consume Instant Noodle every time he eats. Then finally had cancer and died.

If we note that China's Noodle yellow which is found in the market, the results of observation, the noodles are not cooked will looks like oily. This layer of oil sticky Noodle will avoid one with the other. Wonton noodles are still raw give flour is usually to avoid sticky. When the cook will cook noodles, cook it first in hot water, then rinsed / drained with cold water before cooked with hot water again. Cooking and colding this way can avoid these sticky Noodle of each other. Cook and provide oil to the noodles sauce is not to become sticky when dry will be consumed (without dressing).
Rules for making cooking Spaghetti (Noodle from Italy), will be required oil and butter is added first to the water stew Spaghetti pasta sticky to avoid it.

There is a chilling story:

* Some people are now around age 48 but already the annual 4 years this last go-a tool which, sorry, as anus, because the intestine down to the anus has been cut because it is not can be used again when the student section with the econoNoodlec reasons for consuNoodleng instant noodles excessive, so that the intestine is cut the thing the preservative, which is always there in every possible kind of instant noodles borax preservative for dead bodies (the data showed that import borax and the like to Indonesia is very big) Hence and cause contaNoodlenation in place, hopefully all parties to be in the heart consume foods such as meatball, sausage, noodles etc.

* There are more, people who never get cancer lymph (8 lymph gland wrong), and treatment for almost 1 year in Singapore to spend more than 1 billion in 1996 to 1997 (hit by the office), a result he consume during indoNoodle plus corned 4 years continuously each day (with the reason because his wife is busy working). According to the doctor you treat it, is the main cause of existing preservative in indoNoodle and corned page.

For the fans of noodles, the noodles are in the wax are a function of instant noodles to coat (may also cause that is not sticky noodles with each other). I never experiment with colleagues how to save the processed sauce noodles for 3 days, and was evidently found that substances such as wax.

pick one's nose with ur personality..

* People who think the time is money:
I "pick one's nose", 2 holes at once (Once a row, exceeded 2 islands).

* People perfectionist:
If I want to "pick one's nose", hand-washing to clean. After "pick one's nose", hands washed, and compress the nose with alcohol to prevent the occurrence of infection because when "pick one's nose", can only harm the nose-finger hand.

* People with high lust:
When "pick one's nose", fingers inserted and removed and inserted and removed and inserted and removed and inserted and removed and inserted and removed and inserted and removed and inserted and removed, until the mucus out.

* People who do not have:
Using the finger to other people "pick one's nose".

* People who have not educated, but politely:
Using the finger to other people "pick one's nose", and say thank you after.

* The innovative:
Using the toes to "pick one's nose".

* The spirited samurai:
"pick one's nose" time, the finger inserted into the nose, drawn up, derived down, drag to the left and then drag to the right.

* People who love to change the atmosphere:
Always use a different finger each time "pick one's nose".

* People who like adventure:
Always try to reach the crevice never achieve each time "pick one's nose".

* People who have time-management are high:
It's scheduled for "pick one's nose" per week, and the lapse of time to "pick one's nose" every time "pick one's nose".

* People who like hump hunger months:
Try to jump around, and expect "the dirty things" will come down itself.

* People soulless murderer:
Will "pick one's nose" stop only after the nose bleed.

* People who amused:
While "pick one's nose" while laughing.

* People who follow the development of the technology:
"pick one's nose" with a mobile phone antenna.

* People who want to spend time not for doing futile:
Opens a wide nose and told others to Watch on whether there "the dirty things", because dont want futile to go nose-finger, but appeared to have not "the dirty things".

* People who spirited oriental:
Using chopsticks to "pick one's nose".

* People who are obedient:
Pray before "pick one's nose".

* People who love select:
Only "pick one's nose" nose holes left, while the left-right offhand.

* The fair, sensible and wise:
If "the dirty things" holes from nose to the left more than "the dirty things" the right side of the nose, then he will insert a few holes of the nose "the dirty things" the left side of the nose into the holes to the right, a new start "pick one's nose" again.

* The wishy-washy, a new alias to eat fruit simalakama:
"pick one's nose" wrong, ga "pick one's nose" wrong, wrong "pick one's nose", ga "pick one's nose" wrong, wrong "pick one's nose", ga "pick one's nose" wrong, wrong "pick one's nose", ga "pick one's nose" wrong, wrong "pick one's nose", ga "pick one's nose" wrong.

* People latah:
When fingernail accidentally injure the nose, then he will shout "EH EH "the dirty things" MAMA KU KU "the dirty things" MAMA".

* People forgetful:
When the finger is in the hands of the nose, as soon he forgot what he wanted to do with the finger to enter the nose.

* People filthily:
People after "pick one's nose" the left side of nose holes, and then forget to "pick one's nose" holes right next to the nose.

* People who love to imitate words in TV ad:
After "pick one's nose", he will say ""pick one's nose"? Who is afraid?"

Where is the position now is the personality you can more "pick one's nose"?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Tips for Google Adsense

Inserting Adsense code and let it flow ago so it may still provide for the the earning, especially if the website / blog has a high visitor traffic and is the most loyal visitors.

However, unfortunate results only if and so simply. In fact, the intention can not attach Adsense, hehehe ...

If you see some examples of website / blog to a successful Adsense publisher, in fact, we can maximize the income from Adsense in a way that is relatively easy. I have to try it, and may be useful for colleagues who are seeking how to increase earning from Adsense.

Please try some tips below, a monitor in a few days or weeks and see the results.

1. Use Lay Out the Right.
Many of us install the Adsense code, but offhand let it flow. Simple example is my own blog a few, hihihi ...

I had to test the changes in the layout of the other part of the blog and the result can be increased even though the size of the problem be calculated relatively.

If we want to maximize the income from the Adsense blog lay out, we can use some of the lay out of the already optimized for Adsense. The author is most Adsense publisher and, if viewed from the lay out forms, themes, or templates that are made from the fruit of the experience.

Ad placement and form of themesnya already maximize for the Adsense code.
In addition to lay out the optimization, templates are also made to create a special section of the code, so we did not find a position more difficult for Adsense code.

Serendipity for the user, the template from David Cummins and Carl Galloway could be a choice to maximize earning, while for WordPress users, Dosh-Dosh made on the list 16 (switch so title 17) templates / WordPress themes which can be used to Adsense optimization. Interestingly, one of the templates recommended by Dosh-Dosh themes are Red and White owned by Someone.

2. Maximize the number of ads
In accordance with the Adsense TOS, we can install Ads 3 units, 1 Link unit and 2 Refferal Unit in 1 pages. Maximize Adsense income by placing the forms in the ad page 1, but do not forget to keep guard in order not to damage the article and the form of entire pages. Make a test several times to find a format that fit.

3. Application Section Targetting
If you already have a blog that is optimized, we can achieve the optimal income if Adsense ads that appear truly relevant to the content of the article. Use this section to targetting. However, it is still difficult to do if the contents of blog / website in Indonesia, unless the material covered is quite specific and ad variations that have quite a lot.

4. Use Channel
Use channels to perform tracking, shape and position of ads which give the maximum results. No one we change the formation and location of the placement if the results do not how or do not even have at all :-).

5. Try 336 X 280 Format
Based on personal experiences and read-read the experience of another publisher, the ad 336 X 280 to give a higher income than other forms. Use this ad in a position close to the article written.

6. Optimization blended with Color
Make the view blog / website that integrates more color (blended) with ads that are displayed. For Firefox users, AddOns Color Picker can be used to get the hexadecimal number of colors detected.

7. Give a description and a proposed
If we install Refferal Unit (Firefox for example), will be maximum if the ad is not displayed left alone. Put the unit on the refferal articles that encourage use, for example, rather than stress-use Internet Explorer due to malware and adware, use Firefox as your browser of choice. Please provide an explanation why refferal unit suitable for use.

Some of the tips above is the result of the observation that I own application, hopefully useful.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tips sharpshooter troubleshoot General On Your Computer

Your PC does not want to act at all? Not detected hard drive, optical drives, which feels slow, the monitor does not look optimal, or router that is too often hangs? Do not panic, find the solution here!
Occasionally this may just happen. Suddenly berulah PC, and can not be resolved easily. Even if you have read the various troubleshooting guides on the manual is available. And this is also happening to you.

Does not consider the situation and conditions, a system can berulah. Can only arise after you update the driver. Or after the addition of additional devices on your system. Or going on suddenly, without warning or notice.

And this time the review will discuss the things mentioned above. Usah nervous and does not need to panic them.

Sit quietly, and just follow the discussion this time. Hopefully one of them is the answer of the problem you encountered with the PC you sweetheart.

Newest, Free Bug Not There
Not necessarily the latest technology to provide the best for users. Even a few times we see the self, the product mengusung the latest technology, at the beginning of the batch also comes with a significant problem perbagai spin.

For example, the motherboard chipset with the latest. Here are some cases that the members often felt lab PC Media. Need to be some small-scale research, to be able to run perfectly with the series of tests. Start from a search for BIOS updates, driver updates or simply one with a manual update of the product concerned.

Another example is to test the video card. The sharpness of competition with ATI Radeon and Nvidia, to create different products with the latest chipset, came to hold our lab. Finally a solution that requires software patch testing. To be able to run it.

Then, how about that happening in the real world? In the day-to-day use with your PC

Step Opening
As in chess, the first step would be determining. So also in solving problems that occur with your PC.

At this subbahasan, akan contain about the most important step in trying to solve the problem with your PC. The most important is trying to find out what causes your PC berulah. Changes in the last what is happening on the PC?

This is very important to know exactly. Remember, this is very easy for a settlement to be done. Tailored to the potential problems that occur. From here, allows to narrow the possible problems that occur with your PC.

01. PC not responding, when Power button is pressed.
The problem: you press the button to activate the power of your PC, but PC does not show tandatanda life. What happened?

Solution: If this happens on your PC, there are several possibilities that must be examined one by one gradually.

Step 1: Check all the electrical network, from the AC outlet to the PSU (power supply unit) of your PC. What have been installed perfectly. Ensure the switch from the PSU in the ON position, or if you use a UPS (uniterruptable power supply) and / or stabilizer AVR (automated voltage regulator). Make sure all in the ON position and in good working condition.

Step 2: If it is not the cause, then the next new PC. Make sure all cables (especially power cables) and the components installed correctly. Mebuka do with the casing, then hit back-nekan component cables and connectors available. Sometimes this is because the plug is not connected with the perfect. Note also ATX 12V, which can be found on most motherboards four years. Motherboard will not act, without the power portion of this connector.

Step 3: This will be making enough. Make checks device main items. The definition is a CPU and motherboard. Make sure both are still functioning well. For say, if the CPU is broken, the system will not work at all. Similarly, if the motherboard is broken. Especially for the business portion charged (MOSFET, the power on the PCB and so on). This will also cause the PC will not react at all.

02. Fan, Harddisk Sounds Putarannya, but Stay Dark Screen Monitor.
Problems: PC react. Heard the sound of round fan, and signs of life from another hard drive, optical drives, and others. However, the monitor remains dark.

Solution: Fiuhh ... at least this is better than a little problem number 1. To solve this problem, it's a sign on a given BIOS POST. Make sure the speakers casing installed properly, so you can hear the POST beep sound is a combination that is available on most motherboards. Or output in some motherboards, the buzzer is also available integrated on the motherboard.

Easier if the motherboard BIOS POST display with code form two seven segment LED, which will display the code hexagesimal. If you do not know the meaning of the code (either noise or light) or even loss of manual, again no need to panic. You can try the site Bios Central (http://www.bioscentral.com).

Saving documents, songs kesayangan MP3 format, installation of 3D games (which up to a gigabyte in size), some even collect video download DivX format, or the master digital video transfer from handycam results. Is not strange if a full hard drive quickly. Adding a hard drive also, is not
apart from some of the problems that may arise.

03. System Not Recognize New Harddisk.
The problem: a new Harddisk installed, not detected on either Windows or the BIOS though.

Solution: The mengonfigurasikan hard drive and install it correctly. Disk component that is not included in the installation process difficult. However, there are several steps that must be done already, install the hard disk while.

Step 1: Make sure disk is getting catudaya from PSU. Errors such as this could occur. Given the location of the hard drive is usually on the front of the casing. Sometimes you connect with the fan from the power branches, who does not get power supply from the PSU. This may also caused by inadequate number of power connectors from the PSU.

Step 2: Make sure that setting the master and slave hard drive exactly as desired. Or if you want to use the configuration on the cable select, make sure the configuration is on the second hard disk, your old and new.

Step 3: If you want to use the cable select configuration, see the IDE cable on the hard disk. Some of the latest cable, have to give special marks to help determine which connectors will be regarded as a master, and connectors which would be considered as a slave. If not available, the most easy way is with the following basic rules. Connector that is located diujung as master. While the connector in the middle, will be regarded as a slave.

Step 4: If all that can not solve the problem, then the answer is no alternative to the BIOS settings. In the Integrated Peripheral choice, there are usually options for the IDE controller. Here there are also options for setting hard disk SATA controller. If you experience a similar problem, when you want to add a new hard disk interface SATA-ber. Specifically for SATA hard drive and Windows, do not forget to install the driver that is usually supplied by the motherboard manufacturer. Updatenya or, depending on the chipset the motherboard uses.

04. Harddisk Detected, but no can be operated.
The problem: the BIOS detects the existence of the hard disk. But not so with Windows, and DOS.

Solution: This is not a big problem. The need to do is create a partition and then format the new hard drive. Because the new disk is not supplied preformatted in a file system that can be known Windows or DOS. There are several possibilities that can be done with the new hard drive.

Possibility 1: If you want to install a new hard disk with operating system Windows 9x, then needed a little basic knowledge about the fdisk command. For this one, we strongly recommend to use the one that accompanied this with your colleagues who are experienced.

Possibility 2: If you want to install the Windows 2000/XP or some of the latest Linux distro now, you do not have a headache again dealing with the fdisk command. They provide the option at the time of installation process. Live the steps and the options provided. At least it's easier than using the command fdisk to most people.

Possible 3: If the new hard drive will be used as an additional hard drive for data storage, this will be easier. For example, during the time you are using Windows XP operating system. With an a user who has administrator rights you can do the following.

Simply go to Disk Management. One of the way right click on My Computer, select Manage.

Note the left column. Then in the Storage, select Disk Management. From here you can view and manage your new hard drive more easily.

Note: Be careful when using the facilities available in the Disk Management. Do not choose the wrong disk. Because the data in the hard disk or partition can be lost. Similarly when using fdisk or similar function available on the operating system installation process.

05. Harddisk Install New Extra Large.
Problems: Harddisk 200 GB not detected either in the BIOS, let alone Windows. In fact, steps to the tip 03 and 04 are all run.

Solution: Along with the time and the progress of technology, the product mass is a big hard drive is available on the market. Be calculated with the price affordable. The core problem in the use of methods LBA (Logical block addressing) that is used. The problem for the above, is usually caused by over-sized hard drive 137 GB, using the 48 bit LBA method.

Therefore, the need to do is make sure that the BIOS is used, it is 48 bit LBA support. For example here is to use 48-bit LBA Test Program for Intel Application Accelerator (http://support.intel.com/support/chi.../CS-009302.htm). Simply run the application on the simple 48lbachk.exe system.

If the BIOS was not supported, the BIOS update is required. Note the README available on the BIOS update. Make sure the update will be used, the compatibility problem can complete 48-bit LBA hard drive.

Optical Drive
The device that one may already be old mainstay for business storage. Following may be some problems that can occur.

06. Burner Software Not Working on New Optical Drive.
The problem: For example, you had to say goodbye to old CDRW drive. And replace it with a new burner drive. But you realize, that the burner software Nero mainstay, can not be used with the new drive. Why?

Solution: In the early period of triumphant CD-RW drive, most of the sales package comes with the burner software. However, it is also a lot of outstanding optical drives that are not accompanied with the burner software.

Please note, the OEM license is given to the sales package. And is devoted to products that dibundle. Nero and have protection, so that it can only be used specifically for the drive is. To continue to utilize the drive with the new burner, the most minimal cost is to the upgradenya. Nero 6 reloaded enggunakan Upgrade Downloadable Serial Number (www.nero.com, worth U.S. $ 39.99). This is cheaper than the full version.

07. Write speed not as fast as promised.
The problem: the specification does not promise 100% accordance with the fact that there is. However, if the time required to write two or more times the promised time, of course there is something wrong. What is it?

Solution: This may not be felt so much, even for CD-RW drive is the fastest though. However, if it is to switch to the DVD burner drive, the difference will be felt. Can-can take more than 1 hour to complete writing data on DVD media with 4.7 GB.

That need to be ascertained is, whether the optical drive or hard disk is used, is working on the Ultra DMA mode (Direct Memory Access).

Mengeceknya way, on Windows XP with attention to Device Manager. Open the IDE controller on the tree. And see in the Advanced Settings tab. Note on the Current Transfer Mode. Check on each IDE controller in which the optic disk and the drive is attached.

VGA and Display
Both are true to spoil the user's eyes. With a VGA-out, you will get the frame rate is better. While the display is better, you will get the resolution and refresh rate that is not tiring eyes. However, it does not mean they are free from problems.

08. Video Card Driver not installed with the Perfect.
The problem: It appears the driver installation process is running perfectly. However, after system restart, there is a warning error box: "Application Error cli.exe. The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click OK to terminate the application. "What is it and how to address them?

Solution: Some users with video card ATI Radeon VPU chipset ever feel. Moreover, if ever update the drivers and supporting applications using the ATI Catalyst. For information, ATI Catalyst intended specifically for the Windows operating system is, created using the Microsoft. NET Framework SDK.

Operating system should be added with the installation of Microsoft. NET Framework. Which is now available for version 1.1.

This will be useful if you install the application will also be created using the Microsoft. NET Framework SDK. To overcome all the problems, which caused the emergence of pop-up window similar.

09. Avoiding Error Message When Installing the VGA Driver Update.
The problem: How should update VGA driver. Because in some cases, often the error message appears.

Solution: It is not a special command that is included in the file instaler update VGA driver, who suggested to do uninstall the old drivers from previous ter-install. However, it's good to do cleaning up your operating system from your old drivers available. Before menginstalasinya with the latest update as desired.

To the user VGA chipset with ATI Radeon, you can easily perform the uninstall old driver, along with supporting multiple applications. Because ATI has also included ATI's Catalyst Uninstaller, which is automatically included during the installation process ATI Catalyst driver.

For others, it is necessary to trick itself. Enough clean alternatives to older drivers. You can use Driver Cleaner, which is now available Driver Cleaner 3.3, or variannya Professional Edition (www.drivercleaner.net).

10. Improving the Display Monitor.
The problem: You have selected the best monitor. Say a TFT-LCD Monitor, or "simply" CRT monitor leading brands, which often wins the hardware review. However, the resulting view is not satisfactory. What should I do?
Solution: each Sehebat any device, will not be optimal without the optimal configuration. Similarly for the monitor.

Most LCD monitors have a special button AUTO (or similar), to the configuration automatically. In accordance with the data communicated between a monitor with a video card with DDC. But sometimes not perfect. Most of the moire interference is still felt. You can use the Monitor Test, and try to mengalibrasikan minimal moire interference.

For CRT monitors, most of the problems on the level of contrast and brightness. Contrast akan set light power monitor. But if excessive akan tiring eyes. Brightness akan memperterang. However, if too high, will lose black level. And in some cases will also focus the display monitor.

DSL Internet connection that offers speeds be regarded satisfactory. Price quote paketnya variety, can be adapted to the needs. However, the problem is not apart from it also. And is not that easy to create an Internet connection is free from problems.

11. Hang the router, and needs restart.
Problems: Initially, during installation of the router, this did not happen. But lately, often the router hangs and needs to be restarted to get the Internet connection on a PC connected to the router.

Solution: Even though the best configurations, the router can still experiencing hangs. Usually this is due to too many connection requests at the same time. And during this, the only way to overcome this is to restart the router (and then off again menghidupkannya).

Step 1: If the manufacturer has provided a router firmware update, you can try to update the firmware to improve the routing process and prevent the crash on the router.

Step 2: You can do prevention. Things such as this can also be caused by viruses, spyware also attack the PC. Run antivirus and antispyware that has been ter-update, to check each PC.

Step 3: Consider an application that is installed on each client PC to the router. Some applications, especially file sharing Peer to Peer (P2P). Applications such as this can also cause this. If not configured properly, the P2P software can only open the sharring his permission, so that if the request is too much of a burden automatic akan your router.

12. Connection with Wi-Fi Sometimes Disconnected.
The problem: the network connection using Wi-Fi, are occasionally interrupted abruptly. Without a clear reason. This occasionally happens in the Centrino notebook that is equipped with Wi-Fi connection.

Solution: Usually this is because power saving mode. Centrino notebook by default enable this function to create with the intent to save battery consumption. Most easy way is to use the Intel PROSet application (if available).

Or through the properties on the WI-Fi devices ethernet, on the Network Connections. Then select Configure. Adcanced tab, there is a setting to optimize the power consumption. Ad Hoc Power transmits, with a distance coverage. Meanwhile, Power Management, will adjust to the battery condition, and time idle notebook. And will automatically reduce power consumption from the battery.

This, it is likely that the Wi-Fi connection is lost. So there are two alternatives that can be done.

Option 1: Setting the maximum position for both of these functions. Especially if you're not concerned with the remaining battery capacity. Because the available shortcut keys to directly turn off the Wi-Fi in most Centrino notebook.

Option 2: Adjust the style of your notebook. Learn the use of idle notebook. And try it out in accordance with the habit of day-to-day. Of course you do not want Wi-Fi connection you suddenly lost because time was 5 minutes idle terlewati. Only when you leave your notebook, just enough for the toilet or to make a cup of coffee warm.

Before we complain..

1. Today before you say the words that are not good, think about someone who does not
can speak at all.

2. Before you complain about the taste of food, think about someone who does not
have anything to eat.

3. Before you complain does not have anything, think about someone who asks for alms in the

4. Before you complain that your bad, think about someone who is on
level of the worst in his life.

5. Before you complain about your wife or husband, think about someone who invoke
to God to give life friend.

6. Today before you complain about your life, think about someone who died too

7. Before you complain about your children, think about someone who really want to
have children themselves but barren.

8. Before you complain about a dirty house because your housekeeper does not
tasks, think about the people who live in street.

9. Before you complain about the furthest you have the wheel, think about someone who
travel the same distance by walking.

10. And the tired and you complain about your work, think about unemployment,
those disabled people who hope they have a job you like.

11. Before showing you the finger and blame other people, remember that no one who does not sin.