Saturday, August 15, 2009


In his book "How to Search for Friend and other Affecting People" Dale Carnegie write a story from Dr light. Stephen K. Sproul, who work as a veterinarian, on a normal day. He comes from Raytown, Missouri. At a time the waitingroom full of clients waiting for their pet in the needle. Not one of them who spoke with the other one, and probably all are thinking about a dozen things more than they do like the "mark time" to sit in the doctors office.

There are six or seven clients waiting when a young woman entered, with a baby nine months and a cat. Coincidence, the woman sitting next to a half-old male who is annoyed with the service must to wait long. The next thing he knew, the baby is saw with a wide smile, smile typical baby. What is that man? Of course, just like the normal will occur; smile give him the baby.

Immediately so he just chat with the woman about her son and grandson, then necessarily those who are in the waiting room that join with them. Boredom and tension becomes a pleasant experience.

A smile of sincere and warm? Yes, of course. Just because a smile can change the atmosphere warm. Phenomenon is not just humanity but the excess is to be human beings that are not owned by others. According to the philosopher, "smile and laughter, that is the man."

"People smile," according to professor James V. Mcconnell, "tend to be able to overcome, teach, and sell more effectively, and raise children more happy. It's far more information about the smile of a wrinkle in the brow. Smile because it is encouraging that spirit, the teaching tool is far more effective than punishment. "

Smile can bring people away from the real life difficulties. Humans need a sense relaxed. Relaxed the condition that this is actually to be encouraged to smile, even laugh. "Conditions consoled with the same play that principal fun. Function is psychic alleviate the burden of the soul and mind "said Sigmond Freud explains.

The influence of the extraordinary smile, smile even when it does not appear in front of the eye. Try to smile when you talk over the phone. You smile will "visible" in your voice. Yes, smile! Because you will not smile with the needy, thus you will enrich you and those who receive it.

The apostle had said, "Continue before your brother is charity" (HR. Tirmidzi from Abu Dzarr, Subussalam). Smiles so good deeds, not ubahnya charity. In the view of Islam, curl into a means of fertilization love, to bind a sense of togetherness between the ties of brotherhood.

Therefore, it is not excessive if it is said that sweet face seyum is cheap or interpretation of the desire for friendly.

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