Thursday, August 13, 2009

Before we complain..

1. Today before you say the words that are not good, think about someone who does not
can speak at all.

2. Before you complain about the taste of food, think about someone who does not
have anything to eat.

3. Before you complain does not have anything, think about someone who asks for alms in the

4. Before you complain that your bad, think about someone who is on
level of the worst in his life.

5. Before you complain about your wife or husband, think about someone who invoke
to God to give life friend.

6. Today before you complain about your life, think about someone who died too

7. Before you complain about your children, think about someone who really want to
have children themselves but barren.

8. Before you complain about a dirty house because your housekeeper does not
tasks, think about the people who live in street.

9. Before you complain about the furthest you have the wheel, think about someone who
travel the same distance by walking.

10. And the tired and you complain about your work, think about unemployment,
those disabled people who hope they have a job you like.

11. Before showing you the finger and blame other people, remember that no one who does not sin.

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