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Knowledge therapy is given to the Greek which have been since the magnet because the 2500 BC. Magnet is used in Chinese medicine from around 2000 BC combined with reflexology and Acupuncture. In the century ke15 Doctor Paracelsus (Swiss) recognizes the power of magnet therapy. He wrote letters about the influence of medical magnet up the process of healing in the body.

On the 16 th century, a doctor from the UK Dr William Gilbert to make research on the electrical and magnetism. He issued one of the first books about magnetic therapy called "De Magnet". Dr. Gilbert is also the personal physician of Queen Elizabeth I, and said if he uses manget under the instructions.

Michael Faraday, also known as the inventor Biomagnetik make a research on magnetic healing during the 18 th century. Work is still used as a basis for magnetic treatment at this time.

Dr Mesmer (from Mr. hypnotism) and Dr Samual Hahnemann (Father of Homeopathy) also contribute to work. Century to 20 experts, including Dr Kreft a German doctor in 1905 to learn healing effects of magnets disease rheumatism, sciatica and neuralgia.

1926 Dr Criles study the impact of magnets on cancer cells and was followed 10 years later in 1938 with Albert Davis carrying out experiment on the effects of the North and South poles of magnets.

However 15 years later this was shown on the Productive development of a medical magnet therapy. More than 57 studies in the USA about the disease that is difficult and magnetic cured. Are:
1990 - University of Hawaii to try magnets patients with osteoarthritis.
1992 - Attempting example healing randomised double blind trial of wound healing in venous leg wounds.
1999 - New York Medical College try magnet to diabetic patients ..
2001 - University of Virginia to try magnet mattress around the patient with Fibromyalgia.
2004 - University of Exeter and Plymouth attempt bracelet with magnets on osteoarthritis patients

-Now in the world including in Europe and the United States more and more famous people who use them, are: Cherie Blair, Bill Clinton, Anthony Hopkins, Prince William, Queen Elizabeth II, Shirley Mclaine, Venus Williams, Michael Jordan, Agassi, Jack Nicklaus and more.

HOW WORK magnetic fields in our bodies
In each atom in the cells of our bodies:

1. Nucleus (atomic nucleus), which consists of a proton & neutrons had a positive,
2. Had a negative electrons encircle the nucleus on the page orbit.

Traction is interesting to create magnetic fields.
Movement of electrons cause the emergence of the flow of electricity
(electric field) in the body.

If the magnetic fields in our bodies does not automatically balanced energy weakened.

When the magnet is placed directly on the main arterial blood vessel arterial duct, such as heart (wrist pulse point) or on arterial blood vessel carotid (neck pulse point) will have a greater absorption in the bloodstream so that magnetic fields can be flowed to the whole body. When the flow of blood in the body increases, oxygen, nutrients and hormones will be distributed to the network and the body organs more effectively and quickly. Body organs will have oxygen and nutrition supply of the fresh and rich to keep the organs, including endorfin which is a natural hormone the body to eliminate pain.

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