Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Why should we drink water a lot. .?


"Why should we drink
white water a lot. .? "
Actually the answer is quite
"horrible" but because a
honest question must be answered truthfully,
the topic can be explained as follows:
Approximately 80% of the human body consists of water.

In fact, there are some parts of our body
has a moisture content above 80%. Two
The most important organ with water levels above
80% are:
The brain and the blood. !!

The brain has a component of water by 90%,
While the water component of blood has 95%.

Ration drinking is a normal human being at least 2
liters per day or 8 glasses

The number of the above must be added if you're a

That much water is needed to replace
liquid coming out of the body
we are passing urine, sweat, respiration, and
What happens if we consume less
from 2 liters a day ...?
Of course the body will balance itself.
How ...?
By the way "suck" water from
sendiri.Dari body parts of the brain ...?

Not until segitunya (imagine wihh. brain ..
gimana dry finished ...),
but from the nearest source: Blood. !!

Blood is sucked water will be thick.
As a result of this blood coagulation, the
journey would be less well
than the dilute.

As I passed the kidney (which remove toxins
of blood)
Kidney will work extra hard to filter
And because the kidneys filter the fine, not
thick blood rarely can
cause perobekan the renal glomerulus.

As a result, your urine reddish,
signs began leaking sieve
kidney. If allowed to continue, you are
may someday have to spend
Rp 400,000 a week for dialysis

Eh, I've been talking about the brain '
right ...?

Well thick as blood flow to the brain through,
journey rather hampered.
The brain is no longer "thin", and because
brain cells are the most wasteful
consume food and oxygen,

Slow blood flow can cause
brain cells die quickly or
not working properly .. (yes
his name is also naturally less
meal ...)

If this is coupled with heart disease (which
work also adds weight
when the blood thickens ... ), then a stroke
can more quickly come

Now living you choose: do
"investment" by drinking at least 8
glasses a day-or-"pay interest"
through kidney pain or stroke.

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