Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This is a real case, if one day you have the chance, try
to soak disposable chopsticks for about 3 - 5 minutes in hot water. And
you will see the bleach detergent dissolved in hot water from the chopsticks once
use. If you can set up their own chopsticks from home, this is not
Just a friendly environment (timber) but also for your own good. Deep
a health campaign in An Ning, Professor Chew reminded the public
to not use disposable chopsticks, given that most
Disposable chopsticks are made and imported from China. Before production,
basic materials (wood) has grown with germs that change the color of the material
(from mushrooms). At the beginning, given the chemical ingredients for
mengawetkannya. After that, washed with bleach (which is believed thousands
times above the standard). And what happened? Chemicals can
causes cancer, carcinogens. Professor Chew no longer use
Disposable chopsticks since she came to a chopstick factory
disposable time 5 years ago. In order not to forget, he brought chopsticks
himself in his bag that can be used repeatedly.

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