Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bridesmaids - Movie worthy of a 90% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes?


Movie worthy of a 90% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes?
Negative at all about this movie?  Patronizing, like, "Oh, this is a lady movie and we need to like this lady movie so all the ladies will get off our backs about never promoting or producing any lady movies.  We're throwing you a bone here, ladies (Ha ha, bone).  Film (A-HEM, TIME Magazine's Mary F. Polls, who had sexes can embrace it.")  Bridesmaids are not Schindler's List, people.  a scene in which a woman takes a freaking crap in a bridal salon sink, for Zeus's sake.  Bridesmaids is definitely better than that movie, but than watching a chimpanzee spread his boogers over a would love to watch the monkey video. Spreading-chimp-watching contingent of the entire film.  intention of the ladies behind Bridesmaids.  Denominator.
Also, Kristen Wiig's character is a mess.  The film.  loose.I enjoyed Megan, Melissa McCarthy's character, when she first introduced herself to Wiig's character, but then the film just devolved her into the stereotypical big gross over-sexualized lady.  girl smooch.  Girls, here's your lady movie for the year.  The plot is thinner than rice paper.  Abruptly.  Grab your lady friends, pour yourself a Cosmo, and drop Girls say the F word too. The night before I saw the movie, star and co-writer Kristen Wiig appeared on The Daily Show (watch here). She mentioned that after her role in Judd Appatow's Knocked Up the director asked her point-blank if she had any ideas for a movie.
On one hand it's great that, given the opportunity, a woman or two can plop down on the couch and type out a string of funny, genuine, and honest female dialogue; unlike the love-interests in previous films of the genre, I'm looking at you Wedding Crashers, Old School, and The Hangover, the characters in Bridesmaids mumble and swear and talk about men and sex like REAL women. Unfortunately, as funny as these women are their script is lacking in the structure and consistency needed to make Bridesmaids one to remember. Life is funny after all, even the messy parts. (See the prime example of this in Ron Howard's Parenthood, when Steve Martin literally calls life messy before making the film's best joke.)

My other problem came with Bridesmaid's finale. The story jumps from one scene in which they're still mad at each other to the last scene in the film when they're reuniting. I'm not trying to discourage anyone from watching Bridesmaids, because it IS hilarious at times. After this movie there is no denying that women are as foul-mouthed, sexy, disgusting, and funny as men. Here's to hoping next time around the women behind the words are a little braver, a little clearer, and keep the humor going in every scene no matter what.

So there's my two cents, both as a writer, and as a female. What did you think of Bridesmaids?

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